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I’ve got an obsessive personality. I’ll be the first to admit it.

When I was twelve, I loved punk rock and spent a year wearing all black clothing “mourning my generation.”  Fourteen-year-old me was obsessed with the movie-musical Newsies and spent hours writing dramatic fanfiction. At twenty-one, I became infatuated with living a vegan lifestyle, bought more than 15 cookbooks, and ate soy cheese on the daily.

And now, today, I’m obsessed with my hometown of Boonville, Missouri…and I’ve decided to blog about it.

boonville depot

Photo courtesy of bikekatytrail.com


The name Katy Tales is inspired by the famous Katy Trail, which runs across Missouri where the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad (or K-T) was originally used. Boonville lies in the middle of that 240-mile trail.

Goals of Katy Tales include: connect with interesting people around Cooper County, learn more about my hometown’s history, and highlight small businesses in the Boonslick area.

Feel free to email me at hlitwill@gmail.com if you have questions, comments or a blog suggestion! I’m excited to get Katy Tales going – and I hope you are too!

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